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Maje Review

Maje captures French beauty for women with tailored button-downs and thigh-grazing skirts that feature a treasure trove’s worth of glistening jewels and embossed metallic buttons. It’s all in the details with this alluring brand, mixing timeless and structured cuts with eye-catching accents.

The brand’s collections range from chic clothing to classic bags and edgy footwear. There’s an energetic feel throughout its line that tiptoes across both modern and vintage styles as well as classic and modern.

It’s this mix of energy and allure that has grown the brand’s collective social media following to over 1.4 million. You’ll also find features on Maje’s line in some of the most renowned magazines in the world like Vanity Fair, Elle, and Marie Claire.

Need to know all about the brand and stat? This Maje review has you covered. Ahead, we’ll explore all the must-knows about the company, gliding over its top-selling apparel, and finishing with a few FAQs. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Overview of Maje

Maje Review

The brand’s designer describes her collections as having “the elegance to live several lives in one day.” After viewing Maje’s line, this translates (for us) to mean that, through clothing, you can be whoever you want to be, whenever you want to be it.

With this company’s collection, you change your look continuously and celebrate that each day comes with new experiences that call for different moodsenergies, and clothing. That quote comes from Judith Milgrom who is also the brand’s founder and created Maje in 1998.

Aside from our first impressions, the name, “Maje” doesn’t actually mean anything in French despite it being based in Paris. Since it’s a family-run brand, Judith took the letters from her mother’s and siblings’ names and combined them to emphasize the joint effort.

Over time, Maje has had quite the list of accomplishments, from collaborating with haute models to opening boutiques across the globe, you can now find the brand in 448 different shops spanned across 37 countries.

Creating bold, modern looks for over 20 years, Maje’s newest collection focuses on sustainable wear and turns the brand’s focus outwards, using either recycled or renewable materials only.

You’ll find a few picks from the Dream Tomorrow sustainable collection coming up soon in this Maje review, as well as a selection of other enticing extras.

But before we get there, take a peek at the brand’s highlights to get a feel for what it’s all about.


  • Wide range of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories
  • Very high-quality items
  • Offers a sustainable line
  • Sale section
  • Single day sales
  • Ships around the world
  • Has boutiques around the globe and is stocked in many stores
  • Free US standard shipping
Maje Review

When landing on Maje’s site, we were immediately struck by images of glitter, checkers, and women having fun. Undeniably good-looking in their appearance and choice of fashion, it was these girls’ carefree attitudes that made them so attractive.

That’s sort of the essence we found while browsing through the brand’s honest collections of clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. There’s attitude here, but only in the classiest of ways.

There’s also sexiness, but only through innocence. The brand’s apparel brazenly dances between the lines, possessing both modern and vintage styles that ensnare a youthful heart. Ahead, this Maje review will explore a range of its tempting apparel, making its way through dresses, skirts, and cardigans.

We can’t wait another minute to dive in, so let’s get to it.

Maje Dresses Review

Dresses are a mood, and Maje captures many within its chic, flirty collection that offers quite the selection of fabrics and fits. Some are loose and perfect for twirling, while others skim the body for a more intimate shape.

Within its line, for the most part, you’ll discover neutral and dark hues, but Maje dresses do dabble in brighter tones like meaningful yellow. Below, we’ll showcase the brand’s best-selling dresses, both minis with delicate collars and available in sizes XS-L.

Maje Checked Dress With Lace Collar Review

Maje Checked Dress With Lace Collar Review
Maje Checked Dress With Lace Collar

The first thing we fell in love with about this dress was its flouncy, almost Tudor-esque collar. Close up around the neckline, it’s a delicate accent that brings a fresh vibe to a structured, mature print and fit.

Upon closer look, it was the Maje Checked Dress With Lace Collar’s buttons that sealed the deal for us. Gorgeous crystals bring a simple dose of sparkle to an otherwise neutral design.

But the more we look at this dress, the farther away from “neutral” it becomes. Accelerating into the realms of playfulchicelegant, and sexy, we came to quickly get a sense of exactly what Maje is all about and grew excited about what else could be lying in its vast collection.

The Checked Dress With Lace Collar is made from recycled cotton and wool, part of the brand’s Dream Tomorrow sustainable line. Pick up this sweet and sassy number for $415.

Maje Knit Dress With Embroidered Collar Review

Maje Knit Dress With Embroidered Collar Review
Maje Knit Dress With Embroidered Collar

The Maje Knit Dress With Embroidered Collar makes us say, “ooh, la la!” Innocent with a sexy edge, this dress blends a casual, close fit with alluring buttons down the front. An embroidered poplin collar creates eye-catching detail around the neck.

This dress, though seemingly simple, makes quite the impression—which is something we love about Maje’s collections in general. An easy go-to for a walk in the park or casual lunch date, add on a crossbody bag, and literally any shoe you like to complete the look. Add this effortless dress to your wardrobe for $375.

Maje Skirts Review

Maje skirts are playful and young, with a few flouncy long ones woven in between its heaving collection of thigh-grazing numbers.

This Maje review will feature the brand’s top-selling favorites that are outfitted with preppy checks that seem to be taking over the world right now. You’ll find them in sizes XS-XL.

Maje Checked Tailored Skirt With A Slit Review

Maje Checked Tailored Skirt With A Slit Review
Maje Checked Tailored Skirt With A Slit

The perfect pick for a summer-fall transition, pull on your Maje Checked Tailored Skirt With A Slit and throw on a partially-tucked tee. This versatile skirt works well with a range of shoes, like low-tops, combat boots, or platform loafers.

Made from a blend of recycled cotton, wool, and polyester, the checkered skirt is cut for a straight fit with a slit up the right side revealing a mini skirt of the same pattern. In a gorgeous camel, black, and brown pattern, we’d love to pair it with a simple white cotton tee, converse, and a studded clutch. Grab it up for $240.

Maje Checked Pleated Skirt Review

Maje Checked Pleated Skirt Review
Maje Checked Pleated Skirt

Fitted around the waist, the Checked Pleated Skirt bows out slightly at the hips, just enough for a flirty feminine shape.

Made from a mix of recycled cotton and wool, this skirt is sturdy yet comfortable. It has a checkered pattern for a modern take on private school-chic, as well as loops around the waist if you should ever want to add a thin belt for an extra pulled-together look.

The skirt was born to be paired with a simple button-down blouse, tights, and matching blazer. Build your wardrobe with this staple for $256.

Maje Cardigans Review

Sweet with a hint of sass, Maje cardigans and sweaters are bursting with jewel-toned hues and large, embossed buttons. It’s very prep school-meets-couture, outfitted with careful detailing, and made to fit like a dream.

Up next, this Maje review will introduce you to the brand’s most popular cardigans perfect for sprucing up your winter wardrobe. Both styles are available in S, M, and L.

Maje Pullover With Broderie Anglaise Collar Review

Maje Pullover With Broderie Anglaise Collar Review
Maje Pullover With Broderie Anglaise Collar

We can’t get enough of the brand’s adorable collars. The Maje Pullover With Broderick Anglaise Collar mixes the soft, relaxed nature of your favorite sweater with the flattering design of broderie Anglaise around the neck.

A great pick if you want a versatile wardrobe, the cotton collar on this darling sweater is completely removable, leaving just the bow brooch for a hint of modest sparkle. The sweater itself is a soft, breathable blend of wool, polyamide, cotton, and elastane, with a fitted body and loose sleeves to give it a touch of cool-girl energy when they’re pushed up.

Grab this versatile pullover for $340.

Maje Cardigan With Jewel Buttons Review

Maje Cardigan With Jewel Buttons Review
Maje Cardigan With Jewel Buttons

Looking for a versatile alternative to your favorite black sweater? The Maje Cardigan with Jewel Buttons is structured and fitted like the esteemed Jack O’ suit jacket, except done in a lovely lavender hue. Straight-cut and short, it lays above the hips, making it an ideal pick for high-waisted pants or a pleated, checkered mini.

Made from a mix of polyamide, polyester, and nylon, the cardigan has a warm knit look to it, with soft detailing around the collar, cuffs, and pockets. Two jeweled buttons on either breast pocket give this purple pick a sharp accent and make it truly shine. Get it for $340.

Who Is Maje For?

Maje Review

Maje’s collections are youthful, fun, and empowering. Though modern, its pieces have a classic feel about them, much like Chanel but perhaps a little fresher.

The brand is entry-level luxury. It’s not wildly out of this world expensive, but some shoppers may have to have a good think about each piece before buying.

With those things in mind, as well as its highly-populated collection of mini skirts and shorts, Maje is ideal for the under-35 crowd, women who want a put-together look and don’t mind spending a little money to get it.

Maje Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Maje Review

Shopping online can be tricky—what you see isn’t always what you get. With a brand like this one, quality is kind of implied…but because this is a Maje review and you’re here for the truth, we set out in search of customer feedback to get the full scoop.

Ahead, you’ll find comments that not only talk about the quality of the brand’s items but what the online ordering process is like as well. If we know anything about online shopping, it’s that quick shipping and easy returns are just as important as the clothes themselves.

Our first source of feedback came from a blog called Alley Girl that speaks of the brand’s quality. Answering their own question of if its clothing is long-lasting and well-stitched, the Maje review read:

Yes. I am telling you this from my own experience. Maje’s classic pieces like white button-downs, leather jackets, or wool coats are always very quality that you can wear for many years.

That’s definitely something we picked up from looking at the items online. The way these pieces are cut…the colors…the details, they’re timeless, and even though Maje is a luxury brand, one piece will be in your closet for a lifetime, looking just as current as the day you bought it.

For our next dose of feedback, we turned to a Maje review on Trustpilot. We’ll be honest here and let you know not many have reviewed this brand despite it being so popular. It’s not often that happy customers leave reviews for clothing—especially if they bought them in-store.

The comments we found on Trustpilot talk about the ordering and return process mostly, one read: 

My order arrived in about five days, which is quite decent considering it was Black Friday and coming from France.” Upon finding it the item they bought wasn’t right for their shape, they had to return it. Here’s what they revealed about returns:

The return was easy…I got a confirmation of my refund three days later (again, to and from France). The Maje refund arrived before another refund from a British company that I’d done a full week earlier.” The general consensus among positive reviews is that the brand has great customer service and gorgeous clothes.

For our final bit of feedback, we checked out a Maje review on Nordstrom in regards to the Ravens Knit Dress. Rating it 5/5 stars, the shopper wrote:

This dress is fabulous. The fit and comfort level is exceptional. When paired with combat boots I feel ready to take on the world.”

To see if any other review could back up that statement, we headed over to a comment for the Renatila Cotton Minidress, which another buyer had given a 5/5-star score. It said that the dress was “Feminine with an edge. High quality, great cut.”

Like we said at the start of this section, quality is most likely a given, but we needed to prove it. And not have we found just that, but customers love how the brand’s garments fit.

Overall, the brand has had some very positive feedback about all facets of its clothing, delivery, and returns. Since this is an honest review of the company, we will note that though we did come across a few comments about spotty shipping, there really aren’t enough of them for us to say whether or not the service is typical.

Is Maje Worth It?

Maje Review

Maje clothing has a special spirit about it. Something that attracted us as soon as we landed on its webpage. The style translates to the younger generation, but yet, it’s mature and classic in ways most modern brands are not.

With coveted fitsquality materials, and a sustainable collection, it’s no wonder that Maje is as successful as it is. Its clothing is more expensive than comparable (in style) fast fashion brands like Zara, but it’s also much higher quality and will last you years.

In the end, Maje checks out. If you’re not 100% sure about ordering online, pop into one of the many stores around the world. This brand is not worth missing out on.

Maje Promotions & Discounts

Maje Review

Maje offers free standard shipping for all orders—hands down. Wherever you are in America, you can get your order delivered for absolutely no cost. On top of that, the brand has a sale section where some items are 50% off.

Where to Buy Maje

Maje Review

The brand has stores around the world in every major city and then some, whether it’s their own boutiques or collections in major retailers like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue. To find one in your area, use the store locator tool on the website.

More of an online browser? Shop the collection


Maje Review

Who owns Maje?

Maje is a family-run and owned business brought to life by Judith Milgrom.

Is Maje sustainable?

Maje has a sustainable collection called Dream Tomorrow. Each season, the brand aims at reducing its environmental impact further and further.

Within the collection, you’ll find a large selection of sustainable items made from either renewable materials like RWS certified wool (RWS is the certifying body that assesses if the sheep have been treated kindly) and recycled cotton or polyester.

Does Maje ship internationally?

Yes. ships to the US only, but switch to another version of the brand’s website at the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage and you’ll be taken to your country’s unique website.

The only country we didn’t find on the list was Canada, but we discovered that the brand is available at Hudson’s Bay or from the Maje Sherway Mall in Etobicoke for our friends in the North.

What is Maje’s Shipping Policy?

Maje does ship all around the world, but each version of the website will have its own set of shipping guidelines. In this Maje review, we’ll fill you in on the brand’s US policy. You’ll have two options to pick from:

  • Standard (5-10 business days): free
  • Express (2-3 business days): $22

All orders take 2-4 business days to process, and once they’re sent out, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to follow your package’s progress.

What is Maje’s Return Policy?

Whether you order online or buy in-store, if you bring any Maje item home and find it’s not the right fit or style, you can return it for a refund within 30 days. There are a few conditions the items must meet to qualify for a return though:

  • They cannot have been bought on final sale
  • They’ll need to be in their original condition
  • All take must be attached
  • Shoes must be returned with their original shoeboxes

To make a return, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your prepaid shipping return label included with your order
  2. Fill out the return form and stick it inside your package
  3. Attach the return label to the outside of the package
  4. Drop it off at the nearest post office

Though Maje includes a prepaid shipping label, an $8 fee will be subtracted from your refund amount to cover shipping costs. Keep in mind, if you live near one of the brand’s shops, you can pop in to return your item(s) there as well—this does not include other retailers like Bloomingdales or Nordstrom.


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